"Can workplace wellness transform
employees of mid-sized corporations,
stimulating high levels of job satisfaction,
enhancing creativity, productivity, happiness
and improving both current and future health?

My answer—based on science and experience—
is a resounding 'yes!'"


Boost performance and increase your bottom line through stress reduction, mindful eating, meditation, improved sleep and targeted exercise programs. Executive, small group and corporate-wide programs available. Patty McLucas, Wellness Consultant and Educator, has taught at corporations including Google and Apple Computer, in addition to Stanford's Health Improvement Program. Patty designs customized wellness programs and mindfulness retreats for corporations and private clients. 

Components may include:

• One-hour interactive slide presentations on stress reduction, mindful eating, meditation, and improved sleep. 

Wellness courses such as "Eating With Intent," "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction@Work," or "Oh! For a Good Night's Sleep!"

Off-site Mindfulness Retreats

• Ongoing events such as Mindful Lunches, Mindfulness Meditation, Personal Training  

These offerings create a customized range of components scaled to the specific needs of each corporation.

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